San Sushi Too: A different kind of bar for a different kind of night.


Sometimes you don’t want to go out for drinks at a loud, crowded bar filled with a young crowd.  Sometimes you want to go out for a great meal at a quiet bar with great service and even greater food.  Maybe you’re going out for a date, getting to know someone new, or catching up with an old friend.  These nights are perfect for some sushi and a drink, maybe some pad thai.  There’s one place to get just that, San Sushi Too, Thai One On, and the “B” Lounge.  This little restaurant is a bit off of the beaten path of the main stretch of Towson bars on York Rd. on Pennsylvania Ave.  They serve the best sushi in Towson, (in our humble opinion) some great tai food, and any of your favorite booze, as well as some things you may not have tried.  Few things are as fun as taking a date to grab some sushi and splitting a bottle of sake,  but make sure to pour your date’s and vice versa, it’s the proper etiquette.  A bottle of warm sake on a cold night with a couple of rolls of their specialty sushi will start off any night great, or end it perfectly.  Grab dinner and a movie, head to another bar after your meal, or have a quiet dinner out and an early night it.  San Sushi Too is the perfect place for the best sushi dinner and all of your favorite drinks as well as some new ones, no matter the occasion.


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